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  1. All lawn landscape services are done in a professional manner. Services are completed with the plants’ health, your property, and its values best interest. All products used adhere to EPA standards, and are chosen for first-class quality to exceed your expectations. We guarantee all workmanship, however certain services cannot be guaranteed due to environmental conditions. Timely servicing your property is important to us. Please understand delays may occur due to inclement weather. We will service your property according to your needs, our expert judgment, and scheduling availability. Please inform us if you have any scheduling conflicts or preferences. We will do our best to accommodate all needs. Also contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We are here to serve you.

  2. The client is responsible for granting access to the property by providing all necessary access codes, opening any locked gates, or providing required keys. Properties with restricted access to portions of the service area may be charged at the normal rate. If a second service is required after access is granted will require at least 50% of original price.

  3. Any and all work requested by clients in addition to the regular scheduled service will be billed at our normal rate.

  4. Moving or removing obstructions, toys, lawn furniture, trash cans, garden hoses, and other debris prior to regular services is the responsibility of the client. As a courtesy Kentucky Twist Creations & Services, LLC will move reasonable obstructions to allow service but will not be held responsible for damages. Excessive obstacles or debris requiring more than five minutes to remove, will result in an additional fee. Kentucky Twist Creations & Services, LLC will not be responsible for damages to property left within the service area, or damages caused by moving property obstructing the service area.

  5. We take every precaution to protect your property, but sometimes accidents can happen. If you find we have damaged a drain cover, downspout, etc., please contact us and we will gladly repair or replace it. Unfortunately, however, we cannot be responsible for damage to items left in your lawn. Garden hoses, toys, dog chains, etc. are difficult to see in tall grass. In the event that items left in your lawn damages our equipment, the customer is responsible for the repairs.  Be sure all items are removed prior to our arrival.

  6. Kentucky Twist Creations & Services, LLC is not responsible for damage to irrigation systems that occur during regular maintenance. Properly installed and functioning sprinklers should sit below the grass level, and should not be damaged by our service under normal conditions. Properly installed valve cover lids are occasionally damaged by crews, and may be repaired by Kentucky Twist Creations & Services, LLC for no additional charge.

  7. The property owner is the Client.  Tenants and/or leased properties, who have special requests, must deal directly with the property owner and not with Kentucky Twist Creations & Services, LLC.

  8. Mowing

  9. Mowing service includes mowing, trimming, edging with a stick edger (if applicable) and blowing off hard surfaces and mulched beds/areas as needed. 

  10. All mowing prices are based on the amount of time it takes to service your property completely.  Price fluctuations in fuel (propane, gasoline, diesel, and/or oil) may impact the cost of your mowing service.  We reserve the right to increase per mowing prices or charge a fuel surcharge in the event that fuel exceeds an average monthly per gallon rate of $4.00.

  11. We operate our mowing service on a route basis.  Each truck is equipped with GPS devices to ensure that you are being billed correctly and to maintain efficiency among our crews.  Each crew manually documents start and stop times for each property serviced.  If we find that the original price quoted is not in line with the amount of time it takes to service your property, we may adjust the per mowing price in accordance with the total time it takes to service your property.

  12. Your lawn estimate is good for up to 6 inches of grass length. If your lawn is growing more than 6 inches between mows we may have to increase the frequency of mowing or increase the price of the per charge mowing to compensate. Excess grass length adversely affects our equipment and the quality of our mowing service. With basic mowing service, clippings are spread on the lawn. Contrary to popular belief, clippings are good for your lawn, provided they don't cover it to the point of shielding light from the grass. As they breakdown they fertilize the existing grass. We do bag clippings as a special service added to basic mowing if a customer requests for an additional cost. 

  13. Special Events: If you are having a special event, such as a party or family gathering at your home, please contact our office a week prior so that we can ensure that your property will be looking pristine when everyone arrives. We will make sure that the grass is cut to the perfect length and that the weed whacking and edging is completed as well. If you would like us to cut it on a different day than normal please inform us of that as well.

  14. Leaf Maintenance

  15. Customers will be billed per man per hour or per estimate for any leaf maintenance during the entire lawn agreement for extra time that is spent maintaining the property outside of lawn cutting. Leaf maintenance begins in October and can run through the end of the season in December. 

  16. Leaf Removal is a separate service from mowing.  At the end of the season when mowing and leaf removal coincide, you agree that we will make the determination to charge either for Leaf Removal or Mowing.

  17.  In the Central Kentucky area, the grass continues to grow for some time after leaves begin to fall from trees. During early fall when leaves begin to fall lightly we will continue to mow as normal mulching leaves with the cut grass. Later in fall when leaves begin to cover lawns completely they become a problem for mowing and must be removed from the lawn before mowing. For those in the city limits they can be raked or blown to a pile by the curb for pickup. For those outside the city limits they will need to be removed from the property. Whether we provide this service or someone else does it, it will be necessary to continue your mowing service during these months.

  18. Excessive amounts of leaves can damage the mowers.  Leaf removal is not included in the mowing price of any Annual Maintenance Contract or Month to Month Agreement.  If we are not your leaf removal company, please have all leaves removed prior to your scheduled mowing day.  Our crews will mow and mulch the leaves only.

  19. Rain Delay

  20. If there is rain during the week at all there is a possibility that your lawn could be pushed back a day from its normally scheduled cut day.

  21. Clients will be notified by Kentucky Twist Creations & Services, LLC of service day, frequency, and price for all regularly scheduled lawn care services. Kentucky Twist Creations & Services, LLC will inform the clients when rain or other unforeseen circumstances delay service, and Kentucky Twist Creations & Services, LLC will reschedule the service as soon as possible.

  22. We are not responsible for delays in service due to inclement weather, vehicles blocking areas, construction, and any natural occupancy or other delay beyond our control.  Further, we are not responsible for anything that may be interpreted as 'Acts of God.'

  23. When we miss a day, for any reason, we pick up where we left off. We do sometimes mow in the rain as long as the rain is light and the ground is not saturated to the point where the mowers will do damage. It is very rare that we will mow in the rain, so a general rule of thumb is if it’s raining or has rained overnight we more than likely will delay mowing based on the amount of rainfall.  As a general rule, if the sidewalk is dry, we are mowing.

  24. Skipping Services: There will be times you will not need service on your scheduled day. If you need to be skipped, the office will need to be notified 48 hours in advance. If we show up and you do not want your lawn cut, a $15.00 charge will be assessed to your account. The charge will help to cover labor and gasoline expenses.

  25. Extra Services: Any extra service (ex. dethatch, aeration, landscape, shrub trimming) requested will be invoiced separately from your normal monthly lawn service invoice. Unfortunately, no extra services will be provided if your account is past due.

  26. If you are having work done to your house or on your property that will interfere with your lawn service, please notify us ahead of time. If we come out to perform a service and cannot do so, there will be a $15.00 fee for coming out. This fee is to cover labor costs and fuel costs.

  27. We are not responsible for ‘Invisible Fences’ or any other private underground wiring or irrigation electrical wires that are not encased in conduit or are not marked by the property owner.

  28. Any additional service (ex. de-thatching, aeration, landscaping, weeding, weed control, shrub trimming, etc.) will be invoiced separately from your normal monthly lawn service invoice.   Unfortunately, no extra services will be provided if your account is past due.  Additional property maintenance requests may or may not be completed on your regularly scheduled mowing day as time allows.

  29. Pet owners please pick up after your animals out of respect for our crews.  Working in and around animal waste/excrement is not pleasant, nor satisfying to anyone, nor is it safe.  Excessive animal waste is prone to getting on the face, mouth, hands, and boots of our crews as well as in the tire treads of our equipment and inside our company trucks; resulting in tracking it to other properties.  Cleaning animal waste off our equipment is not a favorite chore of our staff and it is not a cost saver for our customers. Excessive animal waste may result in additional charges.  Also, please bring your animals inside when we arrive to mow. If you can't be there during your scheduled service days, try to leave your pet inside.

  30. Fertilization, Weed Control, & Pest Control

  31. Above Terms & Conditions are applicable.

  32. We follow industry best practices and Integrated Pest Management Strategies.

  33. We assert that we are licensed to sell, distribute, and apply herbicides, insecticides, miticides, fungicides, etc., herein known as pesticides in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

  34. We assert that we are licensed to sell, distribute, and apply fertilizers and lime in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

  35. All pesticide applications are applied by KY Certified Commercial or Registered Technician Applicators.

  36. Federal and State laws prevail in all pesticide applications performed by us.  We will only apply and dispose of pesticides in a manner consistent with its labeling.

  37. We do not consider any chemical, organic or synthetic, to be safe for animals or children.  Please use caution and clean your pet’s paws with a warm soapy towel after a weed control or fertilization application.


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