Why Go Green...

Going "Green" is an overall philosophy that incorporates many areas of conservation and proper practices. At Kentucky Twist, we strive every day to discover ways that we can incorporate "Green" practices into all aspects of our business, especially those that directly serve our clients. We do this through using alternative fuels, electric equipment, low emission gas equipment, proper soil testing, the use of organic and chemical fertilizers and weed control, and the use of native plants. Kentucky Twist is unique because we are the only COMPREHENSIVE eco-friendly landscape company in the Bluegrass.

Propane Powered Equipment

One hour of running a traditional gas powered lawnmower is the equivalent in producing VOC emissions of driving a car for 50 miles  Click Here to learn more.


We use propane mowers. Propane is a clean-burning fuel which substantially reduces green house gas and other harmful emissions. Running mowers on propane reduces your carbon footprint, meaning our equipment reduces harmful Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Nitrous Oxide and particulate matter. Additionally, propane is domestically produced. 90% of our nation's propane is produced in the United States. It is produced primarily from domestic natural gas and crude oil refining. Click Here to learn more.

Low Emission Gas Equipment

The move towards eco-friendly equipment is relatively new to the landscape industry. We are conscious of the emissions when choosing equipment for particular jobs. All our gas powered equipment was incorporated due to it's low emission production. Our gas powered equipment is CARB (California Air Resource Board) Compliant, meaning that our equipment meets the highest standards for emissions in the industry.

Native Plants

The use of native plant materials in landscapes is an easy way to create and sustain a "Green" habitat. Native plants add beauty to the landscape and preserve our natural heritage, decrease the amount of water needed for landscape maintenance, require very little long-term maintenance if they are properly planted and established, produce long root systems to hold soil in place, protect water quality by controlling soil erosion and moderating floods and droughts (Source: www.nps.gov). Kentucky has a large variety of commercially available plants to integrate into your landscape. We are members of the Kentucky Native Plant Society.

Proper Chemical & Organic Soil Amendment Applications

It is important to remember that each lawn should be treated individually. At Kentucky Twist we will give you a full soil analysis to determine what your lawn should have to be healthy. Being eco-friendly can be done both with synthetic and organic products, using the proper practices. Organic lawn applications should be handled with the same precautions as synthetic treatments from an applicator stand point. Organic products have greatly improved and can offer a natural way to build good soil conditions for plants to thrive.


Click Here to learn more about our organic products.


Kentucky Twist is dedicated to providing proper practices to give customers only what they need. Extra applications can be a waste and can effect our water supply. The little things can make a difference such as, blowing off access granules on hard surfaces to prevent run off into sewers and streams, and to avoid people tracking any into their homes.  

Organic Outdoor Pest Control

Kentucky Twist Creations & Services, LLC is the only distributor in the Bluegrass of Operation Organic pest control products. Operation Organic products help control mosquitos, fleas, ants, no-see-ums, roaches and much more! Operation Organic products are non toxic to honey bees and butterflies which are essential to pollination.  Member of the Ecological Landscaping Association and Kentucky Native Plant Society


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